Story: Proud (The Broken Mask)


[Romance] [Rated T-13]

Nick opens up to her about the regret that haunts him, leaving Judy to ponder what, if anything, she can do to set things right. Inspired by the artwork and taking a chapter from his more mature fanfiction, Kulkum presents a lighthearted story set during and after Nick’s time at the Police Academy. In addition to a glimpse of his time at the Academy, I like the developing friendship (with a hint of more to come), as well as the excellent portrayal of both Judy and Nick. ~PullTogether

Author: Kulkum

Description :
Judy Hopps learns that her soon to be partner is still haunted by a deeply held regret: he knows he’s never made his mother proud. Can the secretly love struck bunny help him before his self doubt costs him a once in a lifetime chance to do just that?

Proud (The Broken Mask)

Additional Tags: If you can, don’t leave things unsaid.


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