Art of the Day #59 – Gideon Grey Appreciation Day!

Lazy Day by @pointedfox
Source [1]

Here at ZNN, we give a lot of limelight to Nick Wilde. But there’s another fox in Zootopia worth celebrating from time to time- the big bully baker, Gideon Grey. He’s one of the few characters I’ve seen in film who was a bully as a child, but completely turned his life around and legitimately apologized for his behavior. Seriously, that’s so rare! Why aren’t there more of those?

Let’s give the big guy some love!

Get your art after the break!

Pie Everything by [NOTFOUND]
Source [2]

The Benevolent Baker: Gideon Grey by Kame-Ghost
Source [3]

Gideon Grey by xNIR0x
Source [4]

Gideon Grey by RenataChekova
Source [5]

Lost in Thoughts all Alone by Gerardson
Source [6]

So ist es immer by Gerardson
Source [7]

— The Year of Foxes? — by [NOTFOUND]
Source [8]

いろいろ詰め合わせ by 戌井犬
Source [9]

The Bond of Our Souls by Gerardson
Source [10]

Gideon Grey :3 by ilar17
Source [11]

Transformation by [NOTFOUND]
Source [12]

Victorian Zootopia Gideon Grey – Baker Fox by FairytalesArtist
Source [13]

ギデオングレイ描いた by @FlatHome_314
Source [14]

“It’s Pie Noon” by alandcapon
Source [15]

Victorian Zootopia Gideon Grey – Gentleman by FairytalesArtist
Source [16]

Накурились by taro-amoretti
Source [17]

Massive Bombing by [NOTFOUND]
Source [18]

Angry Gideon Stamp (by Lassenby) by [NOTFOUND]
Source [19]

[Title Unknown] by @shiiiiiiiro
Source [20]

Gideon Grey’s Playground by @barachaser
Source [21]

Where are the tickets? – Gid, we have problems… by nik159
Source [22]

Fur Wars by Jessica-Rae-3
Source [23]

Gideon Grey by @Nightwolfury
Source [24]

[Title Unknown] by @kumagayasin
Source [25]

Gideon Grey by @coupepunch
Source [26]

An Act of Kindness by nik159
Source [27]

Gideon Fanart by @ButtTeeth
Source [28]

[Title Unknown] by @Gadoran2000cc
Source [29]


  1. You might just wanna take a look at the source for Gideon's Play Ground. That piece is SFW… but quite a bit on that twitter account is definitely not.

  2. Amazing article, Andy and an awesome tribute to an almost underrated anthropomorphic animal like Gideon. Love those artwork pictures of him. And yes, wish there was more characters like him who could be like him; to turn from bad to good.
    ( Speaking of that, have you heard of the movie "Megamind" before, Andy? It features a main characters who starts off bad but goes on an unexpected journey to be good. P.S Hopefully, I did good with my alliteration on that first sentence.)

    • Because the tool pascal developed for ZNN AotD posts that automatically generates them based on the links we put in can't grab artist names from FurAffinity.

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