Nick and Judy dance and sing to some sweet, sweet vocaloid music!

It’s Saturday!  You know what that means?
Friday was yesterday, that’s what it means.  But it also means it’s a great day for having fun!  So come on over and dance with Nick and Judy!
I gotta say, Stardust Andrew’s MMD Zootopia videos are getting better and better.  From the first time we featured his remake of a popular vine, to the last video of Nick partying on a plain white background, and now to this, it’s clear just how far he’s come as an animator.  Keep it up man!  These things always get a smile out of me!
Check out the video after the break!


  1. Fun fact: this song, though originally done using vocaloid, is actually sung by humans. A human cover of a vocaloid song is called utatemita (well, that term is a little broader, but that's not actually important right now), and this is a cover by two utaite (people who make utatemita) named 38-Ban and Shoose.

    Though this song isn't my favorite, I just like to let people know the secret weebery that infests ZNN 😛

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