Poll Results: Movie or Show?

Zootopia 2 Screenshots (not actually official obviously)
by AsylumComix
Well, the people have spoken!    The post we made that asked this question was by far the most commented post on the site, with over 40 comments discussing it.  Wow.
With an almost 3:1 ratio in favor of a second movie, I think it’s clear what we want.  Now, whoever works at Disney that reads this blog (I know you’re there, don’t deny it!), you have empirical proof from your most devoted fans!
Though there were quite a few people saying they would like both, so you should take that into consideration too.  We would not complain.
Here are the full results!


  1. Words coming from a guy who voted for a TV show of Zootopia:
    First off, I'm so happy to hear and listen to everyone's opinions and feelings on how to further the success of Zootopia. It truly warms my heart to be around people who share the same love I do as well.
    Secondly, I'd like to say that in my heart, I would support Disney by choice of either a TV show or a sequel to Zootopia for there is so much more to go into with the world and characters of Zootopia especially those people who want to see some romance between Judy and Nick which could cause some drama in Zootopia since they're predator and prey which could be a good subtle lesson to teach to others; kids included. Which leads me to my last point.
    Lastly, no matter what path Disney chooses for Zootopia, I just hope Disney can be as close to relevant to this year or the years in the future and teach children and even adults the subtle but powerful lessons the first Zootopia did for all of us. Furthermore, it can continue to break barriers and people's mindsets that animated movies are not just for kids.

    In conclusion, Zootopia is something that should not be forgotten and could be another huge flick to change the face of Cinema. As long as Zootopia looks amazing as we saw it, the characters have their personalities we all know and love (Seriously, I feel my face getting red almost every time I see Judy's face.) and they don't "hammer" on any type of lessons on us, Zootopia can be the #1 Movie or animated TV show in the years ahead.

    P.S. Thank you for the article and support, Andy Lagopus! Keep the success and positivity of this fandom page going. Tell the rest of the team they have my gratitude, love and appreciation.

  2. A sequel is a great idea, sure, but still stand by my idea for a TV show. Both ideas are great, and they both have their pros and cons. A TV show just has the pros I need.

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