The Zootopia Handbook – A Review

Hello everyone! Andy here with something new- a review of official merchandise! And to do that, we have a new member of the ZNN team to introduce. Meet Surrika, our first Appraisal Artist! Check out their review of The Official Zootopia Handbook after the break!

Hey guys! Surrika here, with a small look into one of the many books that have been released about Zootopia. Now, a lot of the official Zootopia books are a retelling of the movies done in various different formats but I will be shedding some light at the end of the tunnel!  These are the books that are in fact their own thing entirety!

The book I will be shining the light on today is called The Zootopia Handbook which is available to buy online via amazon, though I have yet to find it anywhere  but america. If you don’t mind shipping costs, then I suggest you give this book a once over!

This book is written like a dossier/Travel Guide about Zootopia as a city. It’s like one of those little brochures you would get if you were a tourist . It gives you the run downs of the best places to visit and shop, which is actually kind of interesting because this book implies there are definitely other cities out there besides Zootopia and that it has a rich history in tourism.

The world-building is superb in this book with tidbits of how they are able to keep such different environments so close together in a stable condition. There are even little notes about the devices they use to keep the biomes in their ‘natural’ states. The book also shows local events that happen in each area. such as Sahara Squares’ Meerkat market, where it’s established that Mr and Mrs Otterton met for the first time.

One thing that is a tad confusing with this book, though, is that a lot of things that were cut from the original film (where it was all about Nick) are in this book, such as the Wild Times theme park. Koslov is actually referenced heavily in this book as well. There’s even a poster of a Gazelle event where the dancing tigers have shock collars on. It’s like the writers of the book didn’t get the memo or something.

Still, It is full of fun little mock adverts for flea repellent, insurance, and restaurants.  One of my personal favorite parts of the book is actually the classified ads section, which is nothing but animal puns!
One such pun actually made me laugh because I am surprised Disney let it slide.



I know they mean Cougar as in the big cat, but whoever wrote that joke…props to you my friend.  Props to you.

Personally, I think this book is a must own for any Zootopia fan, and if you can get your paws on it you definitely should!

This is your friendly neighborhood Meerkat Surrika, signing out!

Get the book for yourself over on Amazon!


  1. I have it as well, and nearly everything is taken from the Art of Zootopia book, so I am guessing that Disney sent them it and said 'Have fun'. Which is why many of the characters have their old designs. The back flap, Zootopians to Watch, has the old Judy, Lionheart, and Gazelle art, and to be honest, the old Gazelle design makes her look a bit… snobby. I am glad they used all the ones they did for the actual movie.

  2. The original collar art is because a lot of the art used in the book is concept art, and since most of the movie's production happened when the collars were still a thing, the concept art features them. Other than that one incoherence in the book, I generally enjoyed it. It's a fun little piece to glimpse some of their world building.

  3. Well… this book is surprisingly found in Singapore… Who would have guessed?
    Anyways… I would have hoped for a thicker book considering it's price, but IT'S ZOOTOPIA SO I DON'T CARE

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