[Month of Mead, Part 7]: The One To Remember

…Headstrong newbie cop tries to show a fox with years of experience just how tough she is, only to find, whoopsie, she’s in no real position to be making demands.  And that badge she worked so hard to get?  Double whoopsie, she’s still a nobody.  And whoopsie number threesie, the fox she just tried to strongarm into doing what she wanted shows her up, leaving her in a state of depression and humiliation while she desperately tries to piece her fragile ego back together.
That sound about right?
Bellwether thought that Nick was pretending to be savage in the pit, but it turns out he really can be truly vicious when he wants to be.
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  1. Wow… ( deep exhale) Just… Wow. I could imagine this as the actual Zootopia. The actual Nick, The actual Judy. ( Sigh ) Just… Here's my story.

    All his life Kayden wanted to be part of the ZPD . His father had been an officer but retired due to late and utterly causes. But Kayden.. he wanted to be a ZPD detective. Kayden was just entering his first day of high-school. A freshman, he was so proud to say those words when mammals asked him what grade he was in. His first period, he stepped into a classroom. A few minutes before class started. With his head high, he looked around the room full of mammals. He was a Predatory School, with only predators. Something caught his attention away from all of the other huge predators. A small red fox. She wore a big green shirt with an art of Gazelle on it. With black sweats tying with her black furred feet.

    He was a timber wolf, and a fox.. he had never seen a fox in a school that he went to. The other predators were tigers, bears, wolves of course, an occasional Coyote, Lions, some bobcats, but he had never seen any kind of fox before. His father had told him as a kid that foxes were shifty, untrustworthy mammals. But he had never believed that. He saw an empty desk right diagonal away from the desk that the fox was currently at. He went over to the desk and sat his stuff down.

    He sat down with his tail peeking through the seat. He faced toward the fox. She was facing forward, she mustv'e caught Kayden in the corner of her eye because she turned towards Kayden. As she blew a bubble from gum said said, "What do you want?" Kayden jumped back in shock. He held out his hand and said, " I'm Kayden Howls. What's your name?"

    " The name is Reighna Hoode."

  2. Nick was efficient and so perceptive. He saw through all veneers July had and tore them down to expose her. But in the process, giving her a chance to review her priorities in life.

    I'm wondering who "The Commissioner" was, though… could it be an old Cape Buffalo we love & hate in the movie?

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