The ORIGINAL Little Rodentia Chase Scene!

Most of us have seen this piece of concept art.  In this earlier version of the story, Nick escaped from jail, and Judy chased him through Little Rodentia.  This scene was later revised to be Weaselton instead of Nick, but given how well-developed this concept art is, many have wondered how this scene was originally going to go down.  But, sadly, it was not included in the official Deleted Scenes, and we thought we would have to wait forever to see it.  If ever.

But what’s this?!  A heavenly messenger, descending from Disney on high, bearing a wondrous gift!

Joaquin Baldwin, one of the layout artists on the movie, released the (unpolished, unfinished) scene as part of his Layout Demo Reel!

Joaquin, you are amazing for doing this!  Thank you so much!

Check it out after the break!


  1. This is an amazing find! Judy really showed off her grit and determination in this and even the screenwriters seemed to have Nick take quite a beating in the original drafts of the movie. Maybe that is why everything thinks of him as the poor whipping post for the movie.

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