The Super Carlin Brothers reveal the TRUE threat to Zootopia!

Heeeey Brothers!

Finally, someone said it! Bunnyburrow is out of control!  I know that the population counter we saw when Judy was leaving was a joke, but look at it!

81 Million, 435 thousand, 817 citizens of this “farm town”!  That’s more than the population of every major city in the united states!  COMBINED!  How do they manage it?  Are they an independent state, rather than a town?  Their own nation?  Is my headcanon of Zootopia existing on Vancouver Island, with Bunnyburrow taking up a large portion of British Columbia, actually accurate?

These are important questions, people!

Check out the video after the break.


  1. I actually had head cannon too of Zootopia being on top of modern Vancouver, however that would place BunnyBurrow in America, seeing as it's 410 miles south. Which, this as the crow flies, would place it in perfect distance to sit on top of Roseburg, Oregon.

  2. Well that was interesting. I don't know I figured that several rabbits wouldn't want families due to the stress and would either avoid it entirely or be careful with the amount of litters they produce.

    Although tbh I was thinking more about his line about familiy reunions… and then there was that wiki segment with Middle Earth's Shire being an inspiration for the place. As a result I want to see either in the sequel or the upcomic comic series a Hopps family reunion in Bunnyburrow like that of Bilbo Baggins in LotR. One can dream after all.

  3. I grew up in the Vancouver area and still live very close to there. I love that apparently multiple of my fellow fans headcanon Zootopia as being here 😀 I guess I always thought of Zootopia as being more eastern seaboard USA somewhere.

    • I live in Los Angeles (where the movie people live, too :-)). Some of the street names in Zootopia hint at similarities to Los Angeles (Tujunga, for example). The director said that they were thinking of NYC. My own theory for Zootopia (not canon by any means) was that it was where Chicago is in the real world (near water — and a good potential rail and transportation hub, always a good reason to site a city there).

    • Yeah, Zootopia seems to have an ocean coastal harbour, which would rule out a place like Chicago. Vancouver (or perhaps even Seattle, which no one seems to have mentioned) has a very temperate climate with not too hot summers and not too cold winters, which would lend itself to the kind of climate modification that Zootopia has (because you don't have to fight such temperature extremes outide to make the climate you want inside).

  4. This was a really cool video. Hearing the talk about how large the population could be made me a bit worried that predators would have to go back to eating rabbits. Thank God for mother nature to balance out the circle of life. But hey, this is just a theory. A Film theory! And cut!

    • I think virtually all predators in the world of Zootopia would find that thought utterly horrifying and disgusting. That would be like us saying, "Welp, there's far too many people in China. We'd better start eating them!"

  5. I think that while there are industrial sized families, such as the Hopps', the vast majority keep to smaller families, and many, like Judy just don't strike me as the family type, she's driven by her desire to be an officer of the law. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tri-Burrows' city councils put up that counter as a joke (and possibly to dissuade worrisome predators from being a problem), and the last three crazy digits are for giggles…which still leaves eight hundred thousand plus bunnies. That is a hell of a kerfluffle.

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