Story: Sanctuary

[Drama] [Dark] [Rated M-16]
This story takes an interesting and nuanced look at what life would be like in the Zoodystopia universe, including especially the different ways predators would find to cope with them. It uses original characters effectively to explore different avenues of how lives are changed and broken by the shock collars. ~Nota999

Author: Greywolfe

Description :
Collars affect everything- How you perceive the world, how you make your way in the world and sometimes even how you die in the world.
Science hasn’t mapped out these connections, but Doctor Jefferson aims to at least try. Using the Zootopia Police Department as a cover, he steals mammals away from Zootopia, where he learns everything he can about them.

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Additional Tags: Darkness is best when interspersed with light. Which this does.


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