Comic: WildeHopps Civil War AU [PART 2] (by ProgressOfTomorrow)

Oooh boy Nick.  That is one awkward spot to be in.  Thankfully Judy’s quick to communicate the reality of the situation to her father.  Still, what a way to meet the parents, huh?

For those of you who aren’t sure why they’re wearing those sorts of clothes, about a month ago we featured a comic by ProgressOfTomorrow that takes the characters from Zootopia and places them in the American Civil War.  So this is basically “Would WildeHopps work if the modern society were replaced with one from the late 1800’s?  Yes.  Yes it would.”

Check out the full comic over on Tumblr (there are more parts than this, which we will cover eventually), or after the break!


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