[Month of Mead] Judy is Dead, Part 4: The Last Day

Sorry I didn’t post anything today.  We’re making some changes to how ZNN is run as an organization, so it should work better overall considering how busy my new work schedule keeps me.  One last thing before we head into Sunday.

More mead.  And not the type you get drunk off of.

Now we see a day in the life of Chief Wilde.  What he goes through on a normal basis.  The tragedy and frustration he faces daily.  And why he gets up and does it again and again.

Check it out over on Tumblr, or after the break.


  1. Im like "why dont u quit nick?"
    Nick would reply like "why should i quit? This is my life now"
    And i would be like "this life of yours is a paradox nick. You need to do something."
    Nick would be like "naah this should be enough." (And he will probably keep quiet after this)
    Somehow i can think a conversation between me and anyone :/

  2. It takes all of 50 years to make someone who that are… it's a shame it can all be undone and cause a lifetime of pain for others in a mere moment of weakness.

    -Quote by ME, yup stop gun violence. ^^^^

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