Story: You Know You Love Me by Caelan_Vyn

Why is it whenever Andy asks me to write a post the fanfiction never has a coverart? Oh well have some old but good WildeHopps from Art of the Day’s of Future Past! The art again is from はるすけ 

[Romance] [Slice of Life] [Crime] [Warm Fluffy Cotton Candy]

Five simple words. Some would call it a mantra others would call it a prayer, but either way the meaning behind them are the same. “If I say it enough maybe I’ll believe myself.” Oh and also the fic feels like a pretty natural progression of the characters after the movie, but shipping. – Tomlocke

Author: Caelan_Vyn

Description :
Set shortly after the events of Zootopia, this story follows Nick and Judy as their relationship grows deeper, and a disturbing new villain comes to light. Part thriller, part slice-of-life, part romance (WildeHopps)

You Know You Love Me