Story: The Translation of Dawn Bellwether


[Supernatural] [Romance] [Rated T-13]
Combine ‘Zootopia’ with “It’s a Wonderful Life”, add a villainous twist, and you get this.  There’s not enough fics out there that really delve into Dawn Bellwether’s psyche, and this one does it fabulously.  It’s only just getting started, but it promises to be a very interesting ride indeed. ~The Berserk Pre-reader

Author: Gabriel LaVedier

Description: Prison has changed nothing for Dawn Bellwether.  Not really.  He heart is full of bitterness and hate, now focused, laser-like, on Judy Hoppps and Nick Wilde, the relationship her scheme created.  She would do anything to break them apart.  And a being of great power hears that, and comes to her to test the strength of her ‘anything’.

The Translation of Dawn Bellwether

Additional Tags: Turns out sheep really are satanic after all.


  1. Stream-of-consciousness moments meet "The Twilight Zone". That's what I was aiming for, and a dash of exploring the nature of both prejudice and single moments.

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