Story: A Tail of Love


[Romance] [Comedy] [Crack Ship] [Rated K-9]

I’ve seen a lot of stories where Judy falls for Nick’s tail, but never quite so… literally.  Perhaps the only thing greater than this crack pairing is the potential of it becoming a SERIES.  Now the only question is what to call this ship… ~The Berserk Pre-reader
Author: Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps
Description: With how soft and fluffy he is, his russet fur shimmering in the sun every time she saw him… no wonder why Judy had fallen for him.  Now, if only she could figure out what his name was, and get he courage up to admit to him what she felt for… nick’s Tail?

Additional Tags: H-ail, J-ail, HoppsTail, TailHopps, TailTrouble, Topps, UnwelcomeAttachment, Wagshipping…


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