A new and spectacular audiobook adaptation of Boys Like You is coming soon!

Yesterday we featured a dub of the comic Zistopia.  Well today, we have something just as fantastic for you.

Boys Like You is a fanfic by Those Other Things that takes place in an AU where Nick and Judy meet in High School.  I’m honestly surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before now, because so far it’s great.  Might even end up being featured here very soon.

Apparently it’s very popular, as some fans have taken it upon themselves to make a full audio drama of it, complete with illustrations for those watching on Youtube!  Creative Multitasker Productions will be releasing it soon, and I have to say that as a voice actor and participant in many audio dramas myself, the production quality of this is simply spectacular!

Go check the trailer out for yourself after the break, and remember to subscribe to their channel on Youtube so you can help support them as soon as it releases!


  1. Well this is a pleasant surprise.
    I thought the posts were done until Monday.
    Yet, I just started trying to read all of Cause I've been Thinking,
    and now I'm tempted to read this!
    Geez, my AP Lang teacher will be happy to know how much reading I'm doing this summer.

    • "So, what did you read this summer?"
      "To Kill a Mockingbird!""The Great Gatsby!""War and Peace!"
      "Excellent! And how about you, nik?"
      "I read about a million words of zootopia fanfiction wildehopps 4evar"
      "… A+"

    • Next period art class:
      "So what experience do you have as an artist?"
      "I've been drawing for 15 years, and I've mastered 3-dimensional illusions with paint on a 2D canvas."
      "Wow! And you, Nik?"
      "Yeah, I drew about enough Zootopian fanart to make a ZNN art of the day (more like 2-3 days) post."

    • "Golf clap?"
      "Golf clap."
      Pat pat pat.
      Hey, at least my style has a 98{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1} rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


  2. I never understand the huge appeal of Highschool AU's. They seem to be popular in every fandom, but meh, I don't get it.

    Having said that, Wildehopps could probably make me like anything though lol.

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