Art of the Day #43

Zootopia puppet silliness by hykez87
Source [1]

Hmm… I’m wondering how Zootopia with hand puppets would look like.
Maybe cute?
Well, I got more for you than just Zootopia puppets today!

Get your art after the break!

漫画と落書き詰めっ! by スズリ
Source [2]

Zootopia by 莵芽子 うの @お仕事募集中
Source [3]

ZOOTOPIAログ01 by onme
Source [4]

ベストパートナー by ゆえ
Source [5]

ズートピア by hact
Source [6]

Zootopia art by AgroTemp
Source [7]

Zootopia / Calvin and Hobbes Crossover by myrza289
Source [8]

Bubblegum by LuckyBachi
Source [9]

ズートピア落書きまとめ by ひもじいお姉さん
Source [10]

Nick and Judy by Terpa-apreT
Source [11]

快讓我關窗啊qwq!! by ting16154
Source [12]

who wants a kiss goodbye? by akapost
Source [13]

Awww… 😀 by lynxmuse
Source [14]

When Nick first showed Finnick the elephant costume by charliebarkinq
Source [15]

[Title Unknown] by unkn0wnlifef0rm
Source [16]

Дорисовать афишу к м/ф “Зверополис by IDONTKNOW
Source [17]

すこし前なんですが見てきました! by sazanamic
Source [18]

Quick sketch of WildeSavage by gerardson
Source [19]

Nick Wilde by TehChan
Source [20]


  1. When I saw #8, I was about to say, "Hey, that looks like Calvin and Hobbes!"
    Then I saw the title.
    Also, #7 looks so much like the animation in the movie!

  2. Lovely montage of good artwork here. The first one with the hand puppets is endearing, especially since Nick and Judy have the other's puppet in paw for their funny little romantic moment. #2 has their faces looking so adorable, though unsure of the context. #3 provides that equally adorable chibi-style that makes anything and everything cuddly. #5 gives Nick a sense of how Bellwether feels when he was touching her head wool. #9 is a scary thought on how bubblegum and fur do not mix. #12 Another movie night, this one being something that even Nick is unnerved about, while Judy is made of tougher stuff, being a cop, but she still looks mildly disturbed. #15 Finnick is practically screaming "What the {fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1}@$# is this $#!{fc17e15ed6c8f701884a899a735d4ed94fc8cfa66fc2f404dd33f42f9afeb7a1}?" in his lovable bad-tempered way. #19 Quite the scary thought if Jack Savage swung towards Nick, since our favourite fox has his heart set on Judy, but still amusing, considering it wouldn't be the first time, with Judy's crazy neighbours being what they are.

    All in all, a wonderful collection of good artwork to make anyone's day off to a pleasant start.

  3. Very cute art. I really love that movie. I'm hearing the execs are in talks about a possible sequel for this story because fans just can't get enough of that cute couple. Greats arts by the way, do you guys have Deviantart accounts? I have mine and some of my arts and some other artists' works are available at so you can check them out anytime you like. If you cant locate the exact link. Just go to Categories>Anime/Cartoons>Arts and you should be there.

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