Poll Results and New Poll: What do you think Jack Savage is like?


Well, I gotta say, I am sorry.  You all filled out that poll weeks ago, and never saw anything come of it.  Well, the results are in, showing that a whole lot of you were inspired to write stories and draw art about our favorite rabbit and fox.  I am curious about those who do something “Other”- send me an example and I may feature it on the site!

So, new question for everyone: What do you think Jack Savage is like?

For those who are unfamiliar, Jack Savage is a character from some of the earliest drafts of Zootopia, back when it might have been a Spy Thriller rather than a Crime Drama.  All we know of him officially is this image from some old concept art.

Now. you might say that this says plenty about his personality, but that’s about as generic a “spy” pose as you can get.  Therefore, there have been multiple interpretations of him in the fandom so far.

You can find some examples and explanations of the different types after the break.  Once you have an idea of what you think Jack is like, go vote over in the sidebar!

And if none of these seem to fit your vision, please let us know how you imagine him in the comments section below!

Suave and Sophisticated– Think James Bond

Strong and Street Smart– Think Jason Bourne

Simply Savage – Always ready for a fight, able to take down a Bull Moose in single combat.  Think Agent Casey from Chuck
From TGWeaver
Skill-less Stooge – fancies himself as all of the above, when he’s really… not.  Think Johnny English or Austin Powers. 
Something Else – Well, something other than what we just described.  Comment about what you think below

…oh and here’s the results of the last poll if you’re interested.


  1. 😀 I would love to see him "Austin Power's" like =)
    I mean yea, then he would be strange and maybe a bit sexistic and racist, but he still gets the job done :3

  2. What I've seen of Jack's fandom so far is hilarious; all I've really seen is he and Nick competing for Judy. Even though I'm anti-ship, it's still so funny to read.
    I feel like Jack would be a sort of blend between suave and sophisticated and strong and street-smart. Although, I would ditch the strong, and also the sophisticated. I like to think of him as a mannerful, skilled spy, with a friendly and sometimes secretive personality.
    Basically, he's suave and street-smart to me.
    For the sake of the poll, though, I'll go with Jack Bourne; ONLY BECAUSE THE AD FOR THE NEW MOVIE HAS MADE ME LOSE MY MIND ON YOUTUBE.

  3. I pretty much like him as anotherhackwriter's "A Spy Like No Other". Suave, experienced, but not /as/ suave and experienced as he thinks he is, and with some sharp deficiencies in his skillset.

    Oh, except I read him as gayer than a treeful of squirrels and likely to be into Nick, leading Judy to wonder if there's just something about her partner that makes him a bunny-magnet.

  4. I see jack as something similar to nick but the exact opposite, kind of like apples and oranges both fruit but obviously completely different.

  5. Looks like my image of Jack is a little influenced by all the comics and fanfics out there..
    Still,i want to see him as a talented mammal. He started very low,being nothing more than a regular bunny and had some troubles in the past just like Nick(like the boyscouts thing or other stuff with the parents ). These past experiences influenced him and motivated him to evolve into a spy,detective,police man or even a regular mammal that seeks justice for himself. His attitude is reserved,he thinks he's superior to everyone else.Maybe his skill into the spy/detective stuff is a somehow superior than the others but the other skills like being a normal person that can socialize with everyone are kinda low and disturbing,not because he can't be good at it but because he doesn't want to,he wants to show that he is very focused into his work and friends can be something that makes him vulnerable. Since he's somehow reserved makes him more interesting,attractive and mysterious to other mammals,but not everyone falls into this "trap". Jack is a spy/detective because he is into a case that he's working since a very long time ago,his case is not closed and the only thing that matters to him is to solve this case. He seeks justice,when he sees something that isn't just,he acts immediately and this makes him a hero and a respectable mammal. This is what i think of Jack,hope it helps 🙂

  6. I would love to see him as a villain, but not an outright evil villain. Some of my favorite villains are those who honestly believe they are doing the right thing because it just creates such good emotion as both believe they are the heroes of the story. Take Tron Legacy for example. Clu is evil for the sake of power. Tron on the other hand is, at his heart, good, but he is against the heroes because in his reprogrammed state, he fully believes that he is doing the correct thing. Or like the villain from the Lego Movie who thinks he is simply keeping the order. I could totally see Jack convinced that he must take down Nick and/or Judy because of some remaining connection to the Bellwether administration. Come to think of it, that sounds great. I'm no writer though. Could someone please write this!

    • I haven't had much experience with fanfics, but I'm pretty confident in my writing skills in general. I might take a shot at that… (If I do, I'll be sure to credit you)

  7. Sauve and sophisticated, yet prone to be reckless. Often likes toying with his enemies minds. Cannot drive for toffee, any car he gets into is instantly wrecked. He's a rabbit, womanising comes naturally to him. Once took down three elephants with nothing but a battery and his bare hands.

    (overall he sounds like Moore's bond with a splash of Brosnan's, has the delivery of Dalton's bond has the mannerisms of Connery's bond and has some of the stoicism of Craig's bond)

    Most of the comedy involving the original idea would probably come from a similar source to Zootopia's, except driven a lot more on the different types of animals interacting with each other.

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