The Return of the ZNN Ranger Scout Challenge! [400,000 Pageviews Special]


You all thought this was done with, didn’t you?  That I had forgotten about it?

Can’t say I blame you- it’s been over two months since the challenge was first announced.  But, I promised everyone who participated that I would show off their hard work in a compilation post, and here it is!

For those of you who are new to the site (…well, who weren’t visiting two months ago), the ZNN Ranger Scout Challenge is what you might imagine- a challenge.  We gave readers one week to accomplish one of three tasks.

The first option was to write a short story about “What does an average friday night look like for Clawhauser?”.  The second option was to run a mile (1.6 km), time yourself, and try to get a faster time by the end of the week.  The third option was to record a cover of “Try Everything”.

Nobody did the third option at the time.  Which, based on the current results of the poll we have going, makes sense.  But people did do the first and second options, and today, I would like to award those people their long-awaited merit badges!

That’s right!  We have custom-made merit badges for those who completed the challenges!  You can thank Quirky-Middle-Child over on Tumblr for making them- they turned out awesome!

So, get the merit badges and results after the break!  There are a couple of fun fanfics in there, so I’d recommend you giving it a look!

Keep an eye open for the next Ranger Scout Challenge!  I promise we will be doing this again soon!

The Cheetah Badge

This Merit Badge represents creativity and skill in writing about a specific topic, and our favorite Donut-loving cop salutes you!
We award this merit badge to:
You can read their stories by clicking on their names.  Well done, all of you!

The  Fleet-Foot Badge
This Merit Badge represents endurance and strength, working to improve yourself day by day until you reached your goal!
We award this merit badge to:
Nathan Benavidez 
(9:00 to 7:40)
(11:30 to 11:04)
(13:00 to 11:15)



  1. Don't beat yourself up; we're all here to celebrate Zootopia and original content based off of it, as well as try creating some ourselves.
    This is about Zootopia, for crying out loud; we celebrate people for their effort and who they are, not for opinions on their work by others.
    I want to see another music/singing challenge. I don't really know how well I'll do (… XD) but I just got a Neewer mic and want to use it.
    I known I always post comments here, but I love this site, and have been visiting it continuously.
    That's all for now, see ya later…

  2. There's going to be another ranger scout challenge in the future right? I didn't participate last time, but I'd love to in the future 🙂

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