The First ZNN Ranger Scout Challenge!


I, Andy Lagopus, promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy!

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to our first ever Ranger Scout Challenge!* (*final name still up for debate)  
As I explained yesterday, these will be a series of challenges to help you learn new skills and build your talents.
You will be given three options to choose from, and then you will have one week to complete and submit as many of them as you’d like.  If you’re already very skilled at something we challenge you to do, great!  If that’s the case, we’d encourage you to try at least one of the other options as well, so you can get the most out of these.
When you submit what you’ve done, be sure to include:
  • Your name / username (whichever you’d prefer)
  • “RSC” in your subject line (so I can tell which submissions are for this and which are normal submissions)
  • The challenge(s) you chose to accept (ex. “I did challenges 1 and 3!” or something along those lines)
  • Working links or files for whatever you are submitting, or just include your results in the email (“I did x pushups on day 1 and by the end of the week I was doing y” or something like that”).
  • [Optional] Any feedback you may have on these challenges.  I’m always open to new suggestions, especially because this is the first time we’ve run anything like this.
One final note before we begin: we will NOT be using our normal standards of submission quality for this.  We still won’t allow any explicit material, but other than that, whatever you send us, we’ll include in the final post.

  1. Write a short story for the prompt: “What does an average Friday night look for Clawhauser?”
  2. Run a mile (1.6 km) and time yourself, then try to see if you can cut that time down by the end of the week.  Any amount is great!
  3. Record a cover of “Try Everything”!  (you can find the instrumental track here and a video version here)
Good luck to all of you!  You have until WENDESDAY, 27 APRIL, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST to submit.
I look forward to seeing what you submit!  And remember, Try Everything!