Story- Zootopia: Partners


[Romance] [Drama] [Huge] [Rated T-13]
A well written work that is somewhere between a single story and a collection of one-shots in the same timeline.  While it does feature several oc’s, they’re well done and feel well incorporated into the world.  ~ Not A pre-reader

Author: Kittah4

Description: Tales of the tails of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde and their growing relationship with each other.  Starting just as Zootopia ends, it chronicles numerous adventures and situations the unlikely duo engage together.

Zootopia: Partners

Additional Tags: Anyone can be anything.  Which means OC’s can be good.

Table of contents after the break

1. Prelude to Partners
2. Tranquil Partners
3. Argumentative Partners
4. Stealing Partners
5. True Partners
6. Partners Tested
7. Plagued Partners
8. Emergent Partners
9. Partners and Family
10. Technically Partners
11. Purring Partners
12. Partners Together
13. Partners in Paradise
14. Night Partners
15. Small Partners
16. Smiling Partners
17. School Partners
18. Partners at Odds
19. Separated Partners
20. Summer Partners
21. Still Partners
22. Seething Partners
23. Snowy Partners
24. Partner’s Legacy
25. Secretive Partners
26. Partner’s Goodbye
Epilogue 1: Gideon Grey
Epilogue 2: The Three Foxes
Epilogue 3: The Chilla Chapter
Epilogue 4: Sinistral Squirrel
Epilogue 5: Two Little Princesses
Epilogue 6: Fox Ice Cream Joint
Epilogue 7: Pleasant Chemistry
Epilogue 8: Snow Puffs
Epilogue 9: A Zootopian Lizard
Epilogue 10: The Hopps Fluffle
Epilogue 11: The Bunny and Fox