Story: Assault on Precinct 1

[Adventure] [Rated T-13]
I’m not entirely sure what the author means by “internal RP”, but whatever it is, it seems to work.

Author: LucasGodzilla

Description: So about the story, I just want to get this out now, that during that rather chaotic week, I found myself as a rather lost cub, and it was during that time where I actually made friend for the first time in forever. Funny thing also was that I was originally running from them at first, but I’ll delve more into that later. As of now, it’s time I started the story.

Assault on Precinct 1

Additional Tags: Nice to see OC’s done well.

Table of Contents after the break

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

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  1. Groovy to see this gets uploaded. Also for the record, my definition of an "Internal RP" basically means that I fully think this through, place myself as the OC in the world as though it were in real life. Think of it as a sort of day-dreaming thought process of mine.

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