Is Zootopia basically the same movie as The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

I know what you’re thinking.

“What?  That makes no sense whatsoever!”

Well at first glance, I totally agree with you.  However, be patient- Couch Tomato is going to prove your gut reaction wrong in under four minutes.

Sorta.  Doesn’t change the fact that Zootopia is definitely a better movie.  But it is fun to see the similarities.

Check out his youtube channel, where he compares totally different movies and shows how similar they are, and check out this particular video after the break!  Also, he’s promised more Zootopia comparisons, so we’ll be looking forward to those.


  1. If you have and enough big group of samples from two things you will end with a bunch of related things, so every movie on history and Zootopia are related someway.

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