Art of the Day #38 – Oh the Humanity!

Hopps and Wilde by chacckco
Source [1]

And now it’s time for the first potentially controversial Art of the Day post.  Let me start off by saying that I know- Zootopia would NOT have worked if the characters had been humans instead of animals.  It could not have said what it was trying to say if it wasn’t a city of animals with their own unique biases and stereotypes.

That said, there is a TON of absolutely excellent humanization art out there.  I’d feel bad if I didn’t give it it’s due every so often.

So yeah, here are 20 pictures of Nick and Judy imagined not as a fox and a bunny, but as two humans.  Get your art after the break!

[Title Unknown] by 餡ドーナツ
Source [2]

JUDY HOPPS-2 by ハーマイオニー
Source [3]

[Title Unknown] by 山口しずか
Source [4]

Collab-Zootopia by Churrosama
Source [5]

[Title Unknown] by みう
Source [6]

ズートピアLOG by 芋ち
Source [7]

[Title Unknown] by 猫林
Source [8]

ズートピアらくがき! by 菊月アリナ
Source [9]

Nick&Judy by 桐谷
Source [10]

\ちょこん/ by 琥茂郎
Source [11]

Zootopia by almanac14
Source [12]

[Title Unknown] by breadworks
Source [13]

[Title Unknown] by ハーマイオニー
Source [14]

Judy and Nick by RimaChan13
Source [15]

[Title Unknown] by ryllen
Source [16]

Zootopia Fanart by Nawol
Source [17]

[Title Unknown] by アンドレフ神崎
Source [18]

[Title Unknown] by meiiiii
Source [19]

[Title Unknown] by NILO
Source [20]


  1. My only issue is, the humanised art never has trouble acknowledging that Judy is Smol Bun, but why does none of it deal with how much of a Strongleg Wifebun she is?

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