Comic: “Say, Judy” (by EightSpartans)

Two comics, right in a row!  And this time, prepare for some major feels.

I think this is the first comic I’ve seen of Nick and Judy years into the future.  And while it is adorable, it’s the bittersweet sort of adorable that just tugs at your heartstrings.

Excellent work, EightSpartans!  Check it out on his tumblr, or after the break.


  1. It is kind of amazing… How did they made these characters? How is that Nick and Judy cause such strong emotions? They Are two characters from one movie, and when I read comic like this, I feel like watching two friends I knew my whole life. I know these are just animated characters, But I feel like they are alive. The same happens for any emotions, happines, sandness, loss… I want the animators, actors, and producers to be given fortune for this. They created such masterpiece…

    • First, they set up a conflict, and then they put two sincere characters on either side of it. Each had something to lose, and little to gain. Yet together, they got the best possible outcome. Character, determination, and luck.

      That's how you tell a story.

  2. Wow… what a major heartstring pull. Great story, and since it mentions Nick at 30 and 63 years old, I can take some comfort that they had at least 33 years together.

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