Comic: Judy at the Club (by Officer-JudyHopps)

Sometimes, “Try Everything” isn’t actually the best motto.  Not if you want to keep your liver intact and your nights free of embarrassing situations.

I’m sure you’re looking at the picture above and thinking “let me guess, she’s going to wake up next to Nick after a drunken one-night stand, right?”.  Well you would be wrong. It immediately takes a turn that leaves me about as bewildered as the last comic I posted.

Check it out after the break.  And… well, expect the unexpected.

Why is there a battle droid???


  1. It's something to do with a crossover that artist is doing. Something about Zootopia siding with the Seps during the Clone Wars but the Seps leaving a ton of droids behind after they lose. I don't really follow myself even though I'm a big Star Wars fan (plus, surely, wouldn't Zootopia be on the Republic's side?)

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