Story: Weddings, Lifemates, and Love


[Romance] [Comedy] [Rated T-13] [Complete]
It’s a good fic despite the title initially scaring me. ~ Another Pre-Reader who is not Joe.

Author: Queequegg

Description: A year after Nick joined the force, Nick and Judy have built the perfect life: roommates, partners and best friends, the two are practically inseparable.  But while attending a coworker’s wedding, Nick manages to spill a little more information than he had ever intended to share.

Weddings, Lifemates, and Love

Additional Tags: Loose lips sink ships?

Individual Chapters:

Chapter 1 – A Wilde Wedding
Chapter 2 – Confessions
Chapter 3 – 6 Months Earlier
Chapter 4 – Tailored Revelations (Another Prequel)


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