Music: Fallout Zootopia Theme (By Dr.Dissonance1)

You know how I keep saying I love it when two of my favorite things are mashed together to create something awesome?


Somebody please make Fallout: Zootopia a thing like Fallout: Equestria is a thing in the Brony fandom.  Heck, given the quality of some of the fanfics we’ve received here at ZNN, I think someone among us might even be able to do it just as good, if not better, than Kkat’s epic tale! (no offense if you ever read this, Kkat).

Thank you, Dr. Dissonance, for making this a thing!  Now let’s go and make it even more of a thing!

Listen to the epic theme music after the break!


  1. I am actually working on a Fallout:Zootopia fan-fic. I already have a ton of development into it (such as future plot events, characters, lore, etc) and have a few chapters published over on Archive of Our Own. Don't know if it will be as epic as Kkat's masterpiece, but I am trying my best to make it worth the read 🙂 My link if interested:

    • Thanks 🙂 I wanted to submit it to this site's fan fiction section, but am unsure if it would be accepted due to potential content. It will be rated mature for language, violence (potentially gory), and potential adult situations, but I don't know how mature until I get to certain points until I feel it calls for it (I don't want to add anything unless it works and fits the scene).

    • Better to submit and not make the cut than to not submit at all, you know? If it's anything like FO:E, it'd probably fall under either a T-13 or an M-16 Rating. The Fallout games in general would fall into the M-16 rating, so it's good. The main thing I'm worried about is porn and excessive gore, so as long as it doesnt have either of those, you're pretty much good 🙂

    • Your fic's passed the pre-readers! Do you have a cover image we could use to feature it with, or would you prefer if we just find something?

  2. I'm trying to get someone to make something, but a place holder would be good since I have no idea when I could get something made.

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