Saturday, July 14, 2018

Midnight Madness: Easily Distracted (by Quirky-Middle-Child)

It's been a while since we've had a midnight madness post!  And what better way to renew that series than to give y'all a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes?

As anyone who knows me on a personal level can testify, I am easily distracted.  Like, ADHD out the wazoo.  Doug (from Up) has nothing on me.  So when one of our Fearless Leaders, DarkFlameWolf, had a birthday recently, I enlisted the aid of our resident Quirky-Middle-Child to make her a short comic based on a true story!

...No, seriously.  This actually happened.  I actually did this.  I was in a phone meeting with Dark and... well, I won't spoil the joke here, but it was pretty funny.  Check it out after the break!


  1. And from that ordeal, a meme was born.

  2. The ice cream truck. I have seen enough xD

  3. Well, what can I say to this except...?

  4. First saw this on one of the Zootopia FB groups...I'm not this distracted, but I can relate, to both sides :D