Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comic: Confession, Chapter 9 (Original by Peanut.K)

Hello everyone, Chris Guará here!

Well...where do I start? Last time on Peanut K.'s Confession comic, we saw Judy Taking care of Nick while he was in the hospital in a coma. You're probably asking yourself: When will Nick wake up? How long will this comatose state last? Will Judy be all alone without him? To answer these questions, today we bring you chapter 9 of this comic!

You can check out the most recent chapter right here if you missed any.

Check out the next chapter of Confessions after the break or on tumblr and don't forget to leave a comment about it!


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  2. There was a story similar to this, but i dont remember the name. It was about nick saving judy from a badger i think and he ends up in coma. Even judy's parents show up. Anybody knows the name of it

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