Monday, May 9, 2016

Poll Results: Smooth Sailing Ahead!

Non-shippers.  They may think they're big and strong, but we outnumber them 10 to 1!  Think about it!  90% of the population, united against a common enemy!  We'd be unstoppable.

...Wait a second.  That's Bellwether's line.

Seriously though, we got over 300 people to respond to this poll, and the results seem to be in favor of Nick and Judy being a couple.

And by "seem to be", I mean "If the ship were a real ship, it'd be the ship that ships ships".  Just look at the data after the break!

There will be a new poll up later today, don't worry.  I just think I'll let the magnitude of these results sink in.  (That's totally not an excuse to give me some time to think up a new question)


  1. Of course, to be fair, most of the people who would frequent a fan site probably ship them anyway. That said, Let the ship sail!

    1. Well if they are NOT fans of Zootopia and don't follow this website because they don't care about this movie, why should we care about their opinions and consider their lack of vote?