Happy Mother’s Day!


The World I know

Dedicated to my Mom
The world I know, I know from you
Who loved me as I grew and grew

Who watched me stumble, slide, and fall
Who stood beside me through it all

Who taught me what is good and just
Who helped me learn what I can trust

Who never failed in time of need
Who showed me love in word and deed

Who sacrificed her waking hours
Who brought us peace when things went sour

Who always has been truly good
Who sets the bar of womanhood

Who I can count on through and through
The world I know, I know from you.
~by Andy Lagopus

Happy Mother’s Day!



    • And thank you for visiting and complimenting this! I don't write poetry all that often, but I felt inspired to write something in honor of my mom for Mother's day. And I was writing a little "Happy Mother's Day" post for ZNN at the same time, so I figured I'd include it for any mothers out there who read this blog.

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