Story: Freaking Out


[Romance] [Crime Drama] [Rated M-16]
Just from the prologue, I have a new appreciation for real-world problems some people have faced in their lives.  If that’s not a mark of an excellent story, I don’t know what is.

Author: n00btankz

Description:  It’s been a month since Nick started working with Judy as a full time police officer, and they’ve learned a lot about each other and themselves.  But while Judy doesn’t know what she’s feeling (or if she does she doesn’t want to accept it), Nick knows exactly what it is and has no idea how to handle it.  Will they risk ruining what they have and take a step further?

Freaking Out

Additional Tags: Finnick is a manipulative son of a gun sometimes.

Table of Contents after the break:

Chapter 1: Freaking Out
Chapter 2: Paralyzed
Chapter 3: Brainsick
Chapter 4: Every Note
Chapter 5: Ghosts