Story: Zootopia Origins

Art by Technical Error


What is the past of Zootopia, where did the mammals rise up from, who’s belief is right, who’s is wrong, who keeps down those ideas that they hate and who is willing to do terrible things to prove the heretics of the past right? Ubernoner’s bold and unique fic may start with some good ol’ fashioned heisting, but it drives its own path after that, bold and unique and straight into the deep origins of mammality itself. With creative worldbuilding, an excellently slappable main villain and a funky new vix for a very lucky Nick, Zootopia origins is original, exciting and a very well recommended. ~OH_Shoot

Author: Ubernoner

Description :
Where do we come from? Where do we go? Answering these questions can be a lifelong calling, or a murderous obsession.
A series of robberies of cultural artifacts sends Nick and Judy on a hunt across Zootopia and beyond.

Zootopia Origins

Additional Tags: Nick and his Vix, heists and history, religion and revenge