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Story Updates: Dec. 7, 2019

Source Updated stories: Remnants by commanderAIK Sandcastles by Tinbuzzard11 Remnants Ch. 8 FFnet | AO3 Sandcastles Ch. 18: Hare Apparent FFnet | AO3

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: Sept. 7, 2019

Source Updated stories: Sandcastles by Tinbuzzard11 Guardian Blue: Season 3 by Alps_Sarsis Fantastic Foxes of Zootopia: One-Shots & Drabbles by J Shute Norway The Fantastic Foxes of Zootopia: Series 1 by J Shute Norway Sandcastles Ch. 17: Vixen Vigilantes FFnet […]

Fanfic Updates

Story Updates: June 12, 2019

Source SO MANY STORIES SO MANY STORIES While we at ZNN wouldn’t mind being a primary source for your fanfic reading news, we sure do hope in this case that you’ve been following some of these stories to the point […]


Story: Sandcastles

[Mystery][Romance][T-13][Incomplete] By: Tinbuzzard11 Well worth your time is Sandcastles, Tinbuzzard11’s debut foray into Zootopia fanfiction. For starters, there’s the writing, which blends deft description with strong, believable dialogue in a manner you wish all fanfics could muster. And that’s without […]