Bubble bandits

Story: The Bubble Bandits

Art by alp_RIK [General Audience][Humour][Police_work] Stop there criminal soap scum! The ZPD has seen a lot in its time, but when a bunch of thieves use a uniquely creative cover to get away squeaky clean, it’s up to them to […]


Story: Fox on Fire

Art by 一角天馬(GALLOP) [General Audience][Humour][Drama] Nick has a very, very, VERY important mission. A death threat on the Chief, and he is the mammal the Buffalo chooses to protect him. Is there some secret logic going on here or has […]


Story: A Colorful Skirmish

Source [Fluff][Slice of Life][Humor][T-13][Complete By: Pandora (paperclipbutterfly) If you’ve ever wondered what the Hunger Games would be like if it was fluffy, well, here is your answer! With a fun plot and easy-to-follow action, this story is one you don’t […]