Merch: Judy Hopps Magic Bands Up For Grabs!

  Source Time for another update for all you Zoot merch and theme park enthusiasts out there! Walt Disney World recently released a new line of Magic Bands, one of which features Zootopia’s finest, Judy Hopps! For those not in […]


Merch: Big Paw Plushes

Source Hope you guys are in the mood for some adorably plushy news, because WDW announced on Twitter that there are new plushies available at the Disneyland Resort, with Nick and Judy being among them. Don’t they just look so […]


Is This the Police Station at Shanghai Disneyland’s Zootopia Land?

source: disney Is this… what we think it is? Here, take a look, courtesy of @disney_mania123 on Twitter. (You might need to click on the tweet to get the full image.) The construction of the Zootopia land at Shanghai […]