Video/Editorial: Does Zootopia belong in Disney’s Animal Kingdom? (By Innovision 3D)


Walt Disney’s parks across the world have many attractions and unique features that bring millions of people to experience them each and every year. With 12 parks in a variety of locations, there is no doubt that few people will ever get to see every single thing all of Disney’s parks have to offer. A prospect that’s made even more challenging by the fact the company is in a never-ending process of altering and updating the parks.

Popularity and consistency are important to the company but the question remains: How do they decide what gets changed and when? A video posted by Innovision 3D takes an analytical eye to this issue and how it affects where Zootopia fits into the scope of Disney’s Parks. It really does beg the question, what’s the ideal spot for a series featuring anthropomorphic animal characters? Do they go in a more traditional park setting like the other series with a larger focus on human characters? Or do put them in the Animal Kingdom with the other animals?

Check out Innovision 3D’s take on that question in the video below or over on YouTube. And maybe let us know where you think Zootopia fits while you’re at it!