Which ‘Zootopia’ Character Are You?


Hello everyone! I thought it was high time I posed a question to you all, one that you’ve probably all dwelled on at least once: Which Zootopia character are you? Are you a Judy? Do you share her boundless enthusiasm and optimistic attitude? Or maybe you’re a Nick? Sly and quick-witted with a genuine desire to do good deep down once you get past all the cynicism? Or maybe you think you’re somebody else entirely? There are quite a lot of characters to choose from after all so it can be a pretty tricky question to answer

Well, wonder no more as QuizRain.net has gone and put together a quiz aimed at finally answering the question of which Zootopia character best fits you. Check out the link here to take the quiz and finally get the answer to the question we’ve all been (probably) asking ever since the movie first came out. Give it a go, the answer might just surprise you.



    • Try again, but if there were any answers that were unsure/50-50 change it to the other.

      For example, one friend group would call me the “smart” one, but another would call me the “fun” one.
      I only changed 2 or 3 of my “unsure/iffy” answers and it switched from “Bellwether” to “Nick”. Sooo….

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