Art of the Day # 670

It Really Became A Flower Bed by The Disney Horticulture Team, Shanghai
Source [1]

Hello Again, everybody…and welcome to the latest Art of the Day Collection from ZNN

We always love it when an someone creates a piece of Zootopia Fanart by way of an unconventional method. Over the years, we’ve seen, among other things, the Zootopia characters done up in mosaics, sand etchings, and even Cappuccino foam.  And, would you believe, somebody once immortalized Nick Wilde in a loaf of sourdough bread?

And for today’s Featured Image, we have a portrait of Nick, created using that favorite medium of the Disney Horticulture Teams — a flower bed.   And right below this image, you’ll find another one of Judy.   Both of these masterworks were unveiled at Shanghai Disneyland.

Flower-bed portraits of the Disney characters is a tradition that goes all the way back to 1955, and the opening of the Original Disneyland theme park. We’re delighted to see it being carried on with our favorite fox and bunny.

And the flower arrangements are just for starters, people. Keep scrolling and you’ll find even more great Zootopia fanart.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


Flower Judy by The Disney Horticulture Team, Shanghai
Source [2]

Zootopia meets Atlantis by AlexAceves30
Source [3]

Robin Hood – Modern Day Heroic Outlaw by FeyNeko
Source [4]

Maid Marian – Modern Day Meter Maid by FeyNeko
Source [5]

Judy Hopps by N3oHiro
Source [6]

Judy Hopps ~ Bunny Spirit by FaelingMagic
Source [7]

Nick and Judy by @Li_Dorky
Source [8]

goooooodnight by @greenpurrpleD
Source [9]

“Terrorists? Leave them to me!” by @powree
Source [10]

Nice Buddy by @hb051986k
Source [11]

He Said The ‘C’ Word by @greenpurrpleD
Source [12]

Gideon Greys Home Life by FoxRobinDewey
Source [13]

Gideon Grey! by FoxRobinDewey
Source [14]

Lost in the City by @KitsunoArt
Source [15]

Gideon Appreciation by FoxRobinDewey
Source [16]

Selfie by @d74335631
Source [17]

Little Nick and Judy by @nana_coco77
Source [18]

Don’t Cry by @mrkm___yrr
Source [19]

HUM by @zigrock_brony
Source [20]

Evening Dress by @penpen_disney
Source [21]

I Love Your Hare by @mio_ney
Source [22]

Tigress as a martial artist teacher by @powree
Source [23]

Judy & Nick doodle by @Isaangie_acc
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