Art of the Day #533

Today’s adventure in sourdough baking: Zootopia! by @calamitychan
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Hello again, Zootopia fans.

Over the years, we’ve seen the Zootopia characters depicted using many different mediums; oil, gouache, colored pencils, watercolor, digital artwork, acrylic, sand-sculpture, markers, LEGO pieces, (there’s one in today’s collection,) and even Cappuccino foam.

Today’s Featured Image, however, has to be the first time we’ve ever seen a member of the Zootopia gang rendered in sourdough bread.

And that is but one of the many yummy pieces of fanart we have in store for you today. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

Oh, and if you’re never tried sourdough…you need to.


Why the rush, Carrots? by Cartoonmoviesfan
Source [2]

Starlight by ee-Loa
Source [3]

Nick Keeping Tail Safe by aqvilarostrvm
Source [4]

Lean and Limber by QalcoveArt
Source [5]

Foxy Judy by @BuBuvany
Source [6]

The Chief and the Mayor by @Teatime1212
Source [7]

Hanging with Benjamin by @Teatime1212
Source [8]

You want it when? by @happiest_page
Source [9]

LEGO Wildehopps by @9UPT1DQSOLi4FIs
Source [10]

judy hopps and her baby by @Passedwell
Source [11]

couple date by @Teatime1212
Source [12]

couple date by @Teatime1212
Source [13]

Safe Predator by @pdmisb
Source [14]

Happy Valentine’s Day! by @DustBunneee
Source [15]

Happy Valentine´s day everyone by @ArtWah
Source [16]

EukoV4_UUAUOvXh by @DevinQuigleyArt
Source [17]

Judy working on a Seabucks by @SweeroArt
Source [18]

A little drawing I worked on since Valentine’s Day by @tireachan
Source [19]

Would I Lie to You? by @ruhou_shio
Source [20]

Flowers for Judy by @halu3xyz
Source [21]

Flower-Bun by @halu3xyz
Source [22]

Knowing looks by @DrawingsBc
Source [23]

t’s time to return the asset! by @Lij_Kendall
Source [24]

couple night by @Teatime1212
Source [25]

couple night by @Teatime1212
Source [26]


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