Art of the Day #649

Before You Know It, It’s New Year’s Eve by @izumi_h27
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As always, Judy is ready to jump right in–while Nick opts for a more cautious approach.

Hello again, everybody…and Happy New Year!

In honor of the occasion, we’re opening today’s collection with a series of New Year’s fanart pics

The year, 2023, was good one for us Zootopia aficionados–beginning with the long-awaited announcement of Zootopia 2 and ending with the long-delayed opening of the Zootopia attraction in Shanghai Disneyland. In between those two events, Disney Animation celebrated its 100th Anniversary.  And to mark the event, they created the Once Upon a Studio short, wherein we got to see Nick, Judy…and…Flash…make an appearance, along with various other members of the cast.  All in all, it was a very good year for Zootopia…and we hope to see another one in 2024.


Well, what’s a New Year’s celebration without fireworks?

Judy’s Happy New year by Ankokuu
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In 2023, we had the Year of the Rabbit; 2024 will bring us the Year of the Dragon

Happy New Year from Judy and Mushu by @lottalottat
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…Although this may be carrying it just a mite too far.

Year of the Rabbit to Year of the Dragon by @zigrock_brony
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More New Year’s fireworks, from The 2024 WildeHopps Calendar.  If you don’t have yours yet, what are you waiting for?

WildeHopps Calendar January 2024 by Koraru-san
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The best of all reasons to leave the tree up until after New Years…

Happy New Year 24 by RINOTICH
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How about a New Years Crossover pic?

happy_new_year_2024 by ameth18
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Last, but not least, a little New Year’s comic.  Don’tcha HATE when someone pulls that gag?

New Year’s Comic by @fabianodraw
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And now…on to our regularly scheduled artwork.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.

A bunch of lil gremlins the both of them by @QalcoveArt
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My attempt at taking a 2D image and turning it into 3D by @joebuehrer
Source [8]

Remove by @tajimau
Source [9]

Fire by @tajimau
Source [10]

Tick or Treat by @poke_pipipo
Source [11]

Lean on Me by @yama18imo
Source [12]

Shallow by @tajimau
Source [13]

What if the Addams Animals was in Zootopia? by @HanssensAnthony
Source [14]

Iced Drinks by @penpen_disney
Source [15]

Chu! by @penpen_disney
Source [16]

Sketches by @penpen_disney
Source [17]

Zootopia Chibi by @penpen_disney
Source [18]

Happy 100th by @setusetu4649
Source [19]

Huggles by @hnab29
Source [20]

Angel With Horns by @tajimau
Source [21]

Zootopia meets the Human of Jack Marten’s Friends. by @JManTheAngel2
Source [22]

Officer Wilde by @8sakana2
Source [23]

Nick and Judy by @8sakana2
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On the Run by @8sakana2
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Nick and Judy by @neneP
Source [26]

Sending Cards by @stm8856
Source [27]

Morning by @stm8856
Source [28]


  1. [#6] Sigh… my father and i liked to di it every year… good memories!

    [#17 & #18] The cuteness… IS OVER 9000!

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