News: Judy and Bogo Being Added to Disney’s Lorcana Trading Card Game


I remember back in school when Trading Card Games were all the rage. Be it, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, or Yugoih there was no denying the popularity of it. Nowadays there are all sorts of card games, both physical and digital. Of course, Disney has entered the fray with their own game called Lorcana. The game has been out for a while and has gone through a few expansions.

Recently they’ve gone and put out a few cards Zootopia themed, including ones for Judy and Bogo card. Now we’ll get to see some of Zootopia’s giving it their all on the card deck! Do you think they’ll add other characters from the franchise? We still seem to be missing a certain fox officer after all. Let us know wahat you think and be sure to check out the original post below or over on Twitter for more details.