Art of the Day #637

Judy by @SerarelDeer
Source [1]

Hello again, fellow fans of Zootopia…and welcome to another fabulous Art of the Day collection from ZNN. We’re glad you’re here.

Our featured image for this week comes from a somewhat newly discovered fan-artist, SerarelDeer.

Serarel hails from Mesa, Arizona…and if you check out some of his other works, you’ll see that he has the Southwestern Vibe down pat.   We only recently came across his Zootopia fanart and, as you can see, his pics are the perfect example of why simpler is often better.

But that’s not all we have in store for you today…as you’ll see for yourself when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source-links.


He by Manual Artist search required!
Source [2]

Nick and Judy summer vibes) by chonkyst
Source [3]

Unknown by @46010_
Source [4]

Morning Coffee by @46010_
Source [5]

Nick and Judy by @46010_
Source [6]

Don’t Look Now by @46010_
Source [7]

Stay Behind Me by @46010_
Source [8]

Unknown by @46010_
Source [9]

7-22-23 by @dogear218
Source [10]

“I’m watching you”😑 by @askalin097
Source [11]

Judy in the Garden by @penpen_disney
Source [12]

Nick and Judy by @okisidol
Source [13]

Clawhauser The Tiger Warrior by CybermasterBosco16
Source [14]

A Lot of Stuff by Pace-Maker
Source [15]

Benjamin Clawhauser by Lengey
Source [16]

FA Zootopia by Nutjt
Source [17]

Gazelle Sketches by KingSuS_Art
Source [18]

Judy Hopps – I miss you… by Falcon_Tree
Source [19]

Gazelle by ReneBruni
Source [20]

Zootopia Fan Response to Barbenheimer by KCVulpineStudios
Source [21]

Judy Chilling by LamiaNymph
Source [22]

“Nick!” by Blubbsy
Source [23]

‘The Vow’ by StarfangsSecrets
Source [24]

♡ Judy ♡ by RINOTICH
Source [25]


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