Art: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Custom Plushies (By aaronjay_askal)


Plushes, stuffed animals, stuffies, “babies,” whatever you call them, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a good old-fashioned stuffed animal. Be it somebody who only buys the occasional one or has a whole collection. Of course, there are some truly dedicated and talented individuals out there who will go out of their way to make their own plushies instead.

AaronJay recently stitched together two very cute plushies of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps as part of a celebration for Zootopia Day back in March and boy do they make for a marvel of plushy adorableness to behold. Custom plushie quality can vary quite a lot, but these two are on a whole other level. Be sure to check them out on Twitter or in the links below. AaronJay even has some other projects going on including an extensive comic series if that’ll help pique your interest.

Think these two plushies make for a great pairing? Be sure to comment and let us know!

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  1. Outstanding work! These are incredibly impressive. I would say they’re better quality and detail than the official merch.

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