Video: Top 10 Worlds We Want in Kingdom Hearts 4 (By MojoPlays)


It has to be said, gaming has come quite a long way. From the Original Atari to powerful modern machines like the PS5,  Xbox Series X, and Steam Deck there, demand for entertainment in this medium has only grown more and more. Naturally, Disney wouldn’t be one to shy away from exploring this medium and it’s hard to argue that one of its most prominent marks in gaming is none other than Kingdom Hearts, a JRPG series that takes quite a lot of inspiration from Final Fantasy (it’s made in cooperation with Square Enix so that shouldn’t really come as a surprise) that more or less gives you an excuse to explore the many different worlds Disney has created since it was first founded all the way back in the 1920s. Between the three main games and the absurd number of spinoffs, there have been quite a lot of different Disney worlds to explore and characters to meet. But now that a fourth main game is on the horizon, it begs the question, which new Disney worlds will we be visiting?

Well, MojoPlays recently decided to take a stab at speculating on this question and posted a video exploring some of the possible worlds the series could visit in the next installment. The video looks at a number of popular possibilities like Star Wars, Marvel, and, naturally, Zootopia. I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly like to see what Sora might look like running down Savanah Central, wouldn’t you? It doesn’t seem too unlikely of an option, especially considering Zootopia+ and the recent announcement of a sequel. So here’s to hoping we might just get to see what a video game interpretation of Zootopia has to over. Do you think we’ll soon be running down the streets of Savanah Central? Check out the video below or over on YouTube and let us know in the comments below.


  1. There have been a lot of different Disney worlds to explore and characters to meet between the three major games and the ludicrous amount of spinoffs.

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