Art of the Day #608: Paying Tribute to Mr. Big (and His Voice-Guy)

Mr. Big Family by NothingLeft
Source [1]

Awright Zootopia fans…c’mere, we got things to discuss.

Now, what’s happening over here is a perfectly legitimate Art of the Day collection, posted in celebration of Maurice La Marche gettin’ the Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television/Broadcasting Production. 

You ain’t gotta problem with that, right?  Good, glad to hear it; gettin’ iced is VERY unpleasant.

Okay, now we got that squared away, you need to go check out the artwork downstairs. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

Otherwise…that’s a nice, little computer you got there; real shame if anything was to HAPPEN to it.


We open with some concept art of the Big Shrew.

Here’s earliest known concept pic of him.  As you can see, Mr. Big was more Little Caesar than Godfather in his first incarnation

Early Mr. Big by Cory Loftis by Cory Loftis
Source [2]

Here’s a more updated version; kind of a ‘County Club’ look, and I admit, it doesn’t quite work for me.

My lil’ Frien’! by Cory Loftis
Source [3]

And the Big Shrew in his final form.  Note the ladybug stickpin on his lapel.  We’re not sure about that grub in his other paw.  It’s either a pet or a snack; take your pick.

Mr. Big Concept pic (ring) C Loftis by Cory Loftis
Source [4]

This one is actually a reproduction of a concept pic.  Apparently Mr. Big was a lot nastier in his initial concept than in the final version

Mister Big by joesanchez
Source [5]

And now, lets move on to some fanart pics of the Godfather of Tundratown

Mr. Big Painting by sierrawgreene
Source [6]

This probably the most well known rendition of Mr. Big…taken, of course, from The Godfather movie poster,

Mr. Big by Jenmalarai
Source [7]

The many moods of the Big Shrew.

Mr Bigs – Zootopia by Wazaga
Source [8]

Here’s a couple of 3D renderings of him.

Note the ruby ring on his toe; a nice touch.

The Ruby Rock’s Call by Rock’s Call from Wry, Rubicund Paws
Source [9]

3D Mr. Big by Jr Flores Carrillo
Source [10]

Mr. Big — a shrew of respect.

Mr Big by Sephiansem by Sephiansem
Source [11]

That moment, right before he says the magic words…”Ice ’em!”

Zootopia – Ice em by Lambgoesbaaaaa
Source [12]

“Wai-i-i-t a minute…this is not wool; it’s the fur of a…a skunk’s butt.  Why, that dirty, no-good, double-crossing, disrespectful…BRING ME THE HEAD OF NICHOLAS P. WILDE!”

Mr. Big’s New Wool Rug by Devin Quigley
Source [13]

This one is notable for the image at bottom-right…taken from Marlon Brando’s final scene in The Godfather.

Mr, Big Sketches by mr-vvhite
Source [14]

Now, let’s get into some pictures of Mr. Big as he appeared in the Zootopia+ episode, Godfather of the Bride.

Little Big Shrew by @gr0dy01
Source [15]

Mr. Big’s Childhood by @KG4503
Source [16]

Here he is after meeting Koslov for the first time.

Young Mr. Big and Polar Bear Cub by erodrigu259
Source [17]

We’ve seen Mr. Big as both a kid and as an adult.  Now here he is as a teenager, circa 1950–making his bones on the streets of Zootopia.

Mr. Big as a Teenager by @boloidwastaken
Source [18]

Wherever Mr. Big goes, there goes his ever-faithful bodyguard/enforcer, Koslov.

Happy Hour by 贝味仙
Source [19]

This is one where we highly recommend that you click on the source-link.  It’s part of a set of Zootopia-themed Tarot cards. Check ’em out, they’re wonderful.

The Tower by @Masi_lululala
Source [20]

Here’s Mr. Big with Koslov and his driver, Mr. Manchas.  In the Mafia hierarchy, being driver to a boss is actually a high-ranking position.

Zootopia-Mr. Big by kap
Source [21]

But no one is closer to Mr. Big than his daughter Fru-Fru…the apple of his eye.

Zootopia Sketches by wowiealli
Source [22]

“What do you mean ‘OUT?’ I aced that serve!”
“One more word out of you, and you’re going to ice it!”

Zootopia Pole Vault and Tennis by FairytalesArtist
Source [23]

If anything untoward should ever happen to Mr. Big–God forbid–Fru would be the next in line to inherit his title.

And if you think HE’S ruthless…

Miss. Big by Jusu-Tengu
Source [24]

Here he is in a little plot-twist comic

BIG Plans by @ThankU89121860
Source [25]

Mr. Big never forgets a slight, but he also never forgets a favor.  Case in point, when Judy saved his daughter’s life.

Piano Concerto by @ThankU89121860
Source [26]

Here’s an interesting little role-reversal pic.  This time Nick is the mob boss and Mr. Big is the supplicant, pleading for mercy.

Situation Swap by Thorn
Source [27]

We wrap things up with the Big Shrew appearing in a series of crossover images.

The Godfather meets the Oyabun.

Welcome to Tundratown by 腐ってます
Source [28]

I dunno, Mr. Big.  I wouldn’t trust that animal any further than I can throw the Climate Wall

Meancin Miniscule Mob by Heyhopperart
Source [29]

Here’s two pics of Mr. Big as Jabba the Hutt

Mr. Big as Jabba the Hutt by KungFuFreak07
Source [30]

Big the Hutt by crocutable
Source [31]

Oh, come now…we couldn’t leave out The Brain.   He’s only the voice-over role for which Maurice La Marche is most well known–as well as the one for which he won his first Annie Award..

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

The Brain And Mr. Big by SupaCrikeyDave
Source [32]

And finally…it’s so HARD to get good help these days.

Mr. Big and his henchmare by Alasou
Source [33]

Until next time…

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