News: Zootopia+ The Wrap Party Under Wraps

Today we bring some unique commentary and sentiments from a semi-exclusive Disney Press Conference!
Due to conditions given by the company, we can’t link any sources for this article, but ZNN leadership has been recently allowed to attend a virtual press conference featuring:

Directors Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad,
Voice Actors Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake
And finally
Musical Talents Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson

They spent some time talking about the production of Zootopia+ in hindsight while allowing for questions from some super lucky guests.

Many things were discussed such as Bonnie and Don having a laugh and talking about their characters sharing a kiss at the end of Hopp on Board, turns out they were given quite a lot of freedom to explore their characters and how they interacted. Josie and Trent chatting about how they went about picking which characters and stories to revisit, and the songwriting process/recording hilarity of Alan Tudyk in Duke the Musical. Turns out there were plenty of fun opportunities to be had since they could explore stories and characters that didn’t have room in the original movie.

They also discussed some of the challenges that came with making the show, such as the fact that most of the crew had to work remotely. Pretty impressive how the show turned out in spite of all that.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to see and hear some of the folks involved in bringing the City of Zootopia back to life talk together about the movie, the show, and how they feel about it all.

They even playfully toyed with the idea of a second season!

We’re here for it, Disney. Go on and make it for us!