Video: Zootopia+ Easter eggs, information and more (By Thabo Meerkat)


Well, Zootopia+ has been out for over a week now and there’s undoubtedly plenty worth talking about. Heck, I’m sure there’s a fair amount of you out there who’ve poured over every episode and scene looking for callbacks and references to the film or other Disney properties.

Well, just in case you either haven’t or think you might’ve missed some bits, Thabo Meerkat is here to help with the video they posted pointing out all the references they managed to find. Turns out there’s quite a lot out there for the keen-eyed.

Check it out for yourself over on YouTube or in the link down below. Did you find all the references listed in the video? Or maybe you’ve found something new. The show hasn’t been out that long yet so I’m sure there are more references and easter eggs tucked away. Be sure to let us know what you found!


  1. Hold on a second…he claimed a film sequel has been confirmed. Did I miss an announcement on that somewhere?

  2. This looks pretty cool. I don’t have, nor would I ever EVER get Disney+ though, so I may never see it. It’s very sad to say, but with all the woke garbage Disney has been churning out lately, ruining long popular franchises, I kinda don’t want them to do a sequel to Zootopia because the chance they’ll absolutely ruin it and churn out a steaming pile of crap is pretty high.

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