News: Official Zootopia+ Trailer is Finally Here!


With two days left to spare before the release of Zootopia+ Disney has finally graced us with an official trailer! Why they waited so long to do so is anybody’s guess but we’re still thrilled to see it. Better late than never! We’ll leave the lion’s share of the trailer’s dissection and discussion to ya’ll, precisely because we’re coming up on the Release date posthaste.


Here are a couple of things we simply cannot NOT comment on!

Just look at these two! Could they be the Gerbil Jerks back from the cutting room floor? They certainly seem like they’ve had an attitude adjustment since the last time we’ve seen or heard from them!!

PopPop Hopps is in complete control of this situation. Don’t let Timmy tell you otherwise!

Isn’t Nature a beautiful thing?

As the last hours of the painful wait tick away, getting this glimpse of the show is a blessing and a half!
Thank you for checking out this post and Thank you for the trailer, Disney!


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