News: D23 Expo 2022, Zootopia+ Release Date and Further Details Revealed!

Hello one and all, it’s time for another D23 Expo 2022 update. With the release of Zootopia+ fast approaching, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that D23 would have more than its fair share of updates on the show. Among other things, we got a release date of November 9th and episode titles as well as other details on the show itself.

The episodes will be 8-10 minutes long and encompass a variety of different genres. One particularly interesting detail though is that the show isn’t a sequel series, but a midquel set during the timeline of the original film.

With all these updates coming out, I’d say we’re starting to get a pretty clear picture of what to expect now!

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    • If you have a billion dollars to throw at developing animation with some sort of better idea then by all means, do so. Otherwise: shut up.

      • exactly. no one needed to hear that. here goes the age old saying: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. too bad it ain’t a sequel. still can’t wait for the sequel movie(s)!

  1. Kinda bummed that none of it will be sequel material. I am still excited for the concept, and will be looking forward to watching it!

  2. I gotta agree with the first commenter. Not to be an asshole but these all sounds really boring. I mean, it is just six short chapters starring minor characters from the movie doing very inconsequential stuff. The only one that seem mildly interesting is Mr Big’s one (even though it’s gonna be packed with clichès). Sorry, but that is just lazy AF. It only confirms to me that Disney does not give a damn about this franchise.

    If you ask me they should have taken the huge ammount of material from the intial concept of the movie (the “Zistopia” plot as it is known in the fandom), polish it up a bit and release it to the public. If that were the case I’m sure people would be talking none stop about it. Sadly, Disney doesn’t have the balls to do anything daring or controversial these days.

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